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Black Holes and Black Boxes

In Technology on December 3, 2012 at 12:21 am

A gigantic black hole holds clues to the history of everything? I find this strangely ironic in many ways.

Just as black holes, these lingering phenomena of collapsed stars, these gravitational singularities, these wormholes to other galaxies, always seem to be at the center of any time-travel plot, so too are faster-than-light drives essential to any storyline that find Earthlings visiting hot spots that are light-centuries away.

A recipe for time-travel. To fast forward into the future, approach the speed of light for time to slow down, subjectively. To go back into the past, exceed the speed of light to reverse the progress of time, also subjectively.

Why is it that no speculative writer has ever thought of pointing that faster than light ship right at the center of the universe, right at ground zero, and travel back towards the core and back in time to arrive just as the universe is being born. Read the rest of this entry »