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Why Les Miserables Begs To Be Shared

In Society, Updates on January 31, 2013 at 10:36 am

Have you seen Les Miserables? A sincere question when spoken by most. Not a mere kicker for other queries about where you saw it—at the Mecca of London’s West End, among the new world cousins of Broadway, maybe at a local production that just barely managed to pay the franchise, or now finally at a nearby cinema. The question does not lead to any measurement of the cost or quality of the performance you watched. Only a probing of how deeply you have been immersed in it. Because seeing the musical is like finding religion. Not a particular one but the salvation that all religions offer.


Do you hear the people sing? I am fond of the song and its refrains. But I cannot peg it as my favorite. Not when I am drawn by so many others that cause all sorts of different tremors: Master of the House, hedonistic boast of the hilarious Thenardiers; Stars, the beautifully terrifying oath of righteous yet barren Javert; On My Own, the triumph of unloved though loving Eponine; Drink With Me, the lament of rebels who would know greatness but are certain too of their imminent end; Bring Him Home, Valjean’s soulful prayer for a stranger loved by a daughter not wholly his; and Empty Chairs at Empty Tables, Marius’ guilt-laden eulogy for friends he was fated to join but was blessed to outlive. Read the rest of this entry »