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Of Pencils and Old Familiar Places

In Updates on March 24, 2013 at 10:03 pm

“A bouquet of sharpened pencils,” a line from a good movie, yes, but also something I would always see on my father’s desk. It’s what I imagine whenever I sharpen a pencil, releasing that earthy varnish scent that reminds me of his office, complete with drafting table and T-squares.

With these images and scents, I start a story.


I was at a bookstore with the family, browsing supplies for summer craft, and I found myself being drawn to the pen and pencils rack. There were these pencils, in packs of three, all blue and labeled with officious gold–Lyra Robinson 1220’s from Germany it said. It’s not a make I can readily recall, not like Staedtler, Faber or even good old Mongol, but I kept looking at it, drawn to it.

Cheap they were, even cheaper than the black-yellow staples we’ve put in schoolbags, both our own and now of our kids. So I purchased a pack, took it home and when I had the chance, sat down to carefully sharpen the tips into smooth grey-pointed cones. Yet I still could not say why these pencils, these blue sticks from an unknown maker, asked to be brought home, to my desk already crowded with laptop, clicker ball-points and favored fountain pens. Read the rest of this entry »