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Death of a Fisherman

In Society on May 19, 2013 at 3:24 am

DOING IT THE HARD WAY–Taiwan’s response to the May 9 incident shows it finding ways to use the death of a fisherman to acquire fishing rights in Philippine waters.  With economic sanctions that have led to harassment of OFWs, and a military exercise that showcases its superior arms, Taiwan is pushing for a fishery agreement that would conveniently upstage the maritime incident. The Philippines has not taken the bait, focusing first on a thorough investigation of the fatal incident, and taking the time to examine the UNCLOS convention that Taiwan invokes but has never ratified.


Currently being investigated for the possible conviction–or exoneration–of the crew of Philippine Coast Guard vessel MCS 3001, the May 9 incident that led to the death of 65 year old Taiwanese fisherman Hong Shih-Cheng occurred at coordinates 20.12°N, 123.03°E in waters east of Basco, Batanes.  Taiwan refers to the location as being within an area where its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) overlaps with that of the Philippines, and has made the incident cause for demanding that the two countries strike up a fishery agreement. Read the rest of this entry »