Gelzon de la Cruz

This Father’s Day

In Updates on June 16, 2013 at 10:21 pm

This guy came up to me and said “I invented Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day too.”  I’m not kidding, my friend Robbi can vouch that it happened, he was there with me.


Of course, the guy was just talking about promoting these as national events. The motive for it was commercial—to boost retail in the spare months between Valentine’s Day and Halloween. I have to say that the rational explanation was more disturbing—I would’ve preferred him to be the crackpot I first thought he was.

I was more of a son back then—Isabel was still a toddler, Ela not yet a twinkle, Lili a hoped for maybe. So my distaste for this inventor of Father’s Day was on behalf of my father. I hated the thought that someone contrived to trivialize what made my father my Pop.

Now, just half a decade down the road but with two more daughters in the fold, I’ve learned not to knock it. If not for anything else, this Sunday in June serves as a reminder, of the fathers who came before us, the ones we now strive to be. It’s a good thing after all, wanting to deserve Father’s Day.


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